Choosing a house

So… when we were looking at a house we had our nice “need, want, like” list handy. Ours was a little different to most.

First and foremost for us was the arrangement of the floors. Our ideal home would be all one floor but with our space requirements that’s unlikely. Because of that we do need a master bedroom, bathroom and kitchen all on the ground floor. This is a little odd in the USA as most places assume the master bedroom is upstairs if it’s a two story house… but for us, if Juliann is having a bad day, not having to navigate steps to get to the kitchen is essential… especially if I’m away at the time.

Second is the number of rooms. Apart from the usual we need a space for my office which requires a closed door in case I’m in loud meetings… and ideally this is far from the master bedroom. We need a space for Juliann to be able to make art which will be big enough to store her extensive supply collection and have decent light… but not be the living room as we still need to greet guests (I guess), and lastly we need a guest room for when her parents (or eventually my family) stay for a visit which will also be a library/storage room.

Lastly, we ideally wanted a place that had non-carpeted floors. This is really unlikely but because of J’s allergies it’s a really nice want.

There were other things that would have swayed us… a REALLY nice bathtub (not critical for most people but really fantastic for people with disabilities), floor to ceiling book storage (pointless for most people but MAN we would be swayed), extra large outdoor but screened in┬áspace (we had this at one of our rentals and it was awesome but it’s definitely a like).

In the end, we went for a place with a ground floor Master bed. Tiles throughout the living room and kitchen. Two more enclosed bedrooms (one will be my office), and an open room that overlooks the living room that is awesome for Juliann’s studio.

We did need to widen the studio and we still need to remove carpet but more on that later.

Also… Fish pond!